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RERO ILS is a new generation open source library management system developed by RERO+ in collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven (UCLouvain). It allows the management of library networks or independent libraries.


Multilingual Entity File (MEF)

A service that combines controlled names in multiple languages for the same entity (person, place, period...). Available as an API, it integrates with library management systems and thus allows collaborative management of authority data by institutions from different linguistic regions.

SONAR IRaaS logo


SONAR is an institutional repository or digital library system allowing institutions to host their publications and other documents on a secure and customizable platform. This robust and powerful system is based on CERN's Invenio 3 infrastructure. La solution proposée par RERO+ se nomme Institutionnal Repository as a Service (IRaaS).


Other services

As a competence center, RERO+ offers all kinds of customized services for libraries.


Why choose RERO+

With more than 30 years of experience, we are a competence and service center for libraries offering solutions in Switzerland and beyond. Our client-oriented team is built upon collaboration, trust and transparency.

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Open source

The open software architecture allows flexible offers, fruitful collaborations and an added value.


Our team works in close collaboration with our client institutions and partner libraries. We are available through many channels to respond to your requests.

Continuous improvements

Our products are young projects that are constantly being updated. We are at work daily to improve them.

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