The RERO+ Foundation

RERO+ is a competence and service center for libraries.

A competence center

RERO+ has a highly qualified team of about ten people, based in Martigny (Switzerland). It is composed of IT specialists (development and IT infrastructure) as well as specialists in information and library sciences.

As the successor of the Library Network of Western Switzerland (RERO), RERO+ has more than 30 years of experience in providing technological services to libraries.

A philosophy

RERO+ works closely with its client institutions and relies on collaboration, trust and transparency. The foundation develops open source tools to make the value it creates available to society at large.

A foundation

RERO+ as a foundation was officially created in 2021. Its Foundation Board oversees the strategy of the institution in an independent manner and represents the interests of client institutions. It is composed of:

  • Anne-Catherine Lyon, President
  • Sylvie Béguelin, Co-Vice President, Valais libraries
  • Marc-André Berclaz, Co-Vice President
  • Didier Berberat, Neuchâtel libraries
  • Martin Good, independent
  • Thierry Petoud, City of Martigny
  • Géraldine Rérat-Oeuvray, Jura libraries

Services provided on a non-profit basis

The foundation does not pursue any profit-making goal. Its income is used solely to finance its operations and ensure its stability. The prices are calculated and communicated in a transparent manner.