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SONAR is an institutional repository or digital library system allowing institutions to host their publications and other documents on a secure and customizable platform. This robust and powerful system is based on CERN's Invenio 3 infrastructure. La solution proposée par RERO+ se nomme Institutionnal Repository as a Service (IRaaS).



Direct deposit of documents with validation process, roles of depositor, moderator, administrator


Authentication through SWITCH edu-ID, ORCID authentication, and more


Document management (title, authors, affiliations, ...), grouping in customizable collections, research project management, link between resources

Persistent identifiers

Persistent identifier (ARK) for all documents

Access management

Access embargoes, document masking, permissions by IP address range


Multilingual interface (English, German, French, Italian)



SONAR for Swiss Open Access Repository

Before being the IRaaS solution of RERO+, SONAR is the Swiss Open Access Repository, a project that aggregates Swiss scientific publications. It collects and promotes open access publications from authors affiliated with Swiss research institutions. The content and metadata of these publications are harvested from national and international sources through a content tracking mechanism and aggregated in a single catalog available on

Source code on GitHub - More about SONAR

Our plans

Two plans are available for SONAR IRaaS

Shared Portal

Hosting of Swiss Open Access publications within an institutional collection in the catalog.

  • Access in the global portal, with a dedicated sub-page
  • For Open Access scientific publications of the institution
  • Basic support
  • A standard OAI-PMH harvesting set

Dedicated portal

Hosting of digital documents in an independent and customizable portal.

  • Independent and customizable portal (URL, styles, logos...)
  • For any type of document
  • Premium support
  • OAI-PMH customizable sets for harvesting
  • Customizable collections
  • Grouping of accounts: submission and validation accounts can be grouped by department or by any other institutional subdivision
  • Custom metadata fields and search facets
  • Bulk deposit
  • Possibility to request specific features (quote upon request)